Frequently Asked Questions


We love answering questions, but wanted to provide a list of things we’re asked very often, along with the answers because we look at it from the standpoint- The more information we can provide on here, the more understanding you will have in general. 

What makes your company stand out?

Other companies that attempt to provide the services we do will offer likelihood. We, however, are able to provide our clients with the comfort of a guarantee.

Is the guarantee in writing?

Of course!  Every single thing discussed and agreed upon between ETM and the clients we serve is in writing. We refuse to advance in any way without whomever we’re working with fully knowledgable of every last detail regarding the service we provide.

What are your office hours?

MON-THUR: 10:00 AM till 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

FRI: 10:00 AM till 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

What makes Executive Timeshare Marketing different from other places?

Unlike other companies, we work directly with businesses and timeshare owners, so the guarantees we’re able to provide our clients with coincides with high demand for resort space- Unlike other companies, we’re not simply attempting to get things accomplished here, what we tell you we are able to provide is one hundred percent aligned with the specific needs and benefits for both the timeshare owner and the business in need of a location for events in mind.  

What is the communication like between ETM and its clients?

Communication, like with anything in life, is one of the key factors in what makes us stand apart from the rest. While our main contact information is listed throughout this website, each client is given the direct line of who they communicated with when getting things set up, creating a more comfortable and personal experience for everyone. 

The parts don’t stop moving once the phone is hung up, we take client needs and concerns incredibly serious and encourage them to reach out whenever they’d like so that there is never any opportunity for stress or uncertainty. 



How long will it take to get my weeks rented?

The full guarantee ensures your weeks will be rented within 180 days, but historical speaking you can expect things to get accomplished within 90