From the very start

We've excelled in maintaining a trusting relationship with our clients, because we know how to affectively meet all of their needs. We listen, we care, we honor our commitments to you.

What we do

Facilitate rentals

Pure and simple, corporations spend far too much on what is necessary to travel. At ETM we effectively reduce that cost exponentially.

Link businesses with timeshare owners

By doing this, not only do businesses save an incredible amount on travel cost, but timeshare owners are able to offset their maintenance and taxes fees by generating extra income off of their unused time.

Find solutions

With a chain of teams behind what makes ETM what it is today, there is nothing we’re incapable of when it comes to exceeding the expectations of every one of our clients.


At Executive Timeshare Marketing it is our purpose to serve as the go-to service provider for vacation rentals. We’re fueled by the fact that our success rate in regards to satisfied owners and guests is bar none when compared to anyone else. 

What is most important to us is to ensure that your next vacation exceeds your expectations in an unforgettable manner.  Our business relationship with top industry leaders when it comes to traveling allows us the ability to ensure we can take anything you could possibly imagine when it comes to the vacation of your dreams and turn it into a reality.